Our story
Next-gen 3D Fashion Marketplace
Making fashion more accessible, sustainable and inclusive
Our brand, named after the Japanese animated film "Princess Mononoke" represents the power of style and digital innovation.

We empower individuals to explore fashion through our digital-first model, reducing the environmental impact of physical production. In the digital realm, we offer digital fashion experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. IRL, we produce select designs on demand. Collaborating with world class designers and production studios, we offer high quality digital and physical outfits and accessories, allowing fashion enthusiasts to express their style and creativity in the digital realm and IRL.

We invite fashion enthusiasts, brands, digital creators, and trendsetters to join us on this exciting journey, where boundaries are reimagined, individuality is celebrated, and fashion is transformed.
Contact us at hello@mononoke.io to join our marketplace or for collaborations.
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Design Excellence
Our design philosophy celebrates innovation, pushing the boundaries of creativity and infusing unique perspectives into every collection. Our commitment to innovative design ensures that our creations inspire and empower our users to express their individuality with confidence and style.
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    We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting responsible practices throughout our digital first model. We aim to inspire positive change in the industry and encourage a shift towards a more conscious and responsible fashion ecosystem.
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      We embrace cutting-edge technologies and digital advancements to provide a platform for self-expression that transcends physical limitations.
      • Immersive and interactive fashion experiences that transcend traditional boundaries
      • Enhance creativity, accessibility and personalization